V.I.M – Very Important Mummy’s

I hate being judged. Every single day I get judged. The main reason is because I’m a young parent.
I can’t even hide away from being a younger parent because I’m 140cm tall (4ft 7in ish).

My local children’s centre run several groups/sessions each day, all week and I’ve been to the Breastfeeding Group twice. On the first time a lady approached me about a young parents group she wanted to set up and whether she thought it was a good idea. Of course I did. Clearly lots of other younger mums agreed.

I went to the opening session and absolutely loved it! I met a couple of girls that can really relate to me. That’s what other groups lack, everyone understands what it’s like to be a parent but no one understands exactly what it’s like to be a young parent. Unless you are one.

This group is for parents under the age of 25. I honestly cannot wait for next week. Although now, I’ve officially lost all of my relaxing full days at home in my jammies:

Monday: I have to get up to do nursery runs, usually visit my grandparents too.
Tuesday: I have Baby Yoga in the morning.
Wednesday: I have the nursery runs and then go into town for breakfast with my grandparents.
Thursday: Young Parent Group.
Friday: I have both girls at home and find myself running about after them both.
Saturday: Swimming
Sunday: Usually spent round the MiL

Blimey I’m a busy Mumma!!!

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  1. Glad the group was a success. 🙂

  2. I think being judged comes with part and parcel of being a parent. Everybody has something to say about the way we do it x

  3. BloggerMummyLauren

    A young mum group is a great idea, I went to one a couple of times when my son was a baby. Does look like you’re going to be busy though!

  4. You sound very busy! Although a young mum group does sound great and I’m glad you could relate to some of the other mums too! x

  5. congrats on the ebook! I was kind of in the middle as I was 24 when I had my first. Not a teen but most people around me were having their baby in their thirties. A group like this would have been great

  6. Aww bless you! Sorry you feel judged. I am 28 and do still get this a little from some of the older mamas at baby group. I’m glad you have found a group you have clicked with xx

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