Tips For Taking Children Swimming

I vaguely remember the days of swimming with just one daughter. I managed to make it a faffing ordeal if I’m completely honest. It would take me forever to get the both of us either into our costumes or out of them and back into our clothes. Skip on a few more years and two more children and I think I’m finally at a stage to be able to share some of my own tips and tricks for swimming with children. I’m not going to lie, I still faff but I’d like to think it takes less time and less stress with these steps:

The Bag

I tend to pack everything into one of the Sainsburys reusable bags (the bright orange ones). It’s waterproof and the perfect size to fit towels for five, plus everything else. Having everything in one bag helps! There’s no fiddling with zips or drawer strings. And it’s probably cheaper than buying a bag specifically for swimming and then having to take one each. Unless your kids are of the age they can change alone, obviously.

What To Pack

  • For five people I pack three towels and a small one for the floor. That’s one for each child and a floor towel to keep dry tootsies dry!
  • Swimming costumes for everybody. I find that putting your own costume on before you leave the house makes things much easier in the changing room.
  • Float aids (arm bands or float jacket etc) for the children who need them.
  • Goggles if you must (I don’t agree with goggles personally). 
  • Swim nappy x2. Wipes. Normal nappy x 2.
  • A few very small toys like a rubber duck or a small ball.
  • Deodorant and hairbrush.
  • Really importantly a plastic carrier bag or nappy sack to pop wet costumes in after.
  • Change. Ring up beforehand to find out what the lockers take.
  • A couple of non-crumb snacks and a drink. 

Before The Swim – Changing Rooms

I think this bit I much easier than the after math of swimming. Make sure to keep the towels accessible, if you have a really young child then take a towel to put by the pool. Keep your dry clothes at the bottom so wet dripping hands/costumes don’t get them wet afterwards.

During The Swim

The pool we enjoy going to has a little toddler pool with elephant slides, big flume type slides, a wave pool, a lazy river and a warmer teaching pool which is great. I do think that you need to do some research before you go to a pool because if the water is too cold or the kids can’t touch the bottom then they don’t always get the most enjoyment out of the trip.

After The Swim

This is where chaos can set in. Swimming makes you hungry. Exhaustion and hunger does not mix well in children, so focus on getting them dry and dressed first. Get their costumes off and in a plastic bag as soon as possible, dry them and dress them. Put their shoes on ASAP so they don’t get wet feet again. Then load them up with the snacks and you should be able to get yourself dressed stress free.

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I really hope this post helps some of you. I know swimming can be extremely daunting for anybody. Once you get the hang of trying to keep things simple then it can be much more enjoyable.

What do you take swimming? What do you find most stressful? Leave me a comment below.

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