“This move has been very exhausting”

When my OH and I had first decided to move out with each other, back in June 2012, we didn’t know we were actually pregnant with P2. Despite what a lot of people probably thought as the week before we actually moved we found out we were expecting.

Anyway, I was pregnant when we moved out and when we packed and had to move back to my parents. So my participation was quite limited. I remember feeling frustrated and useless, but now, looking back I had it easy!!

This move has been very exhausting. I’ve been juggling emotions of losing my Nan, finishing wedding things, keeping the girls entertained and of course packing and unpacking. I think we’ve done really well so far. Everything’s basically unpacked and liveable I just have a lot of sorting to do. I’d quite happily hand that task over to my OH, but I’d rather do it myself!

I’ve been frantically searching blogs about organisation. I have great faith in myself this time about keeping things organised and tidy. My MiL could pop in at any time!

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