That Must Have Mother’s Day Post

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone in the UK!

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Today hasn’t started off too well. We had a rough night with P2. We ended up phoning NHS Direct and getting an appointment for the Out of Hours clinic up the hospital. My OH and I have been dosed up on paracetamol for a good few days now but you can’t give a 4week old calpol so we wanted to make sure her cough wasn’t anything more than a coughs – her chest is thankfully all clear!

Every parents fear is for their child to get meningitis. Today it was confirmed that my friends 8year old son has viral meningitis. He’s doing very well on the medication but I urge for all my readers, family and friends to pray for complete healing. I can’t imagine how scary this time is for my friend and her family.

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My Mum has invited my Grandparents round this evening for Mother’s Day tea so P1 made gingerbread biscuits with her Nan whilst we were up the hospital with P2.

I’m hoping that my day ends better than it started.

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