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We Have A Threenager

As if having to struggle each day with P3 having awful, early, terrible twos wasn’t bad enough, we have been thrown in the deep end with P2 experiencing some serious threenager moments. She is struggling in herself I think and it’s really painful for me to witness it each day. Some days she is the sweetest. She is kind, caring and …

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Radical Reward Charts Review

P1 received a new reward chart from Radical Reward Charts. It arrived at a wonderful time, when I was at my complete wits end with her behaviour. I allowed her to choose which design she’d like – she chose Wacky Wildlife. We asked Radical Reward Charts to have P1s picture made into a mover. This was to help children be …

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From The Monster Within

I was P1-free today. This morning I was really looking forward to it but by midday everything was far too quiet and I was getting bored of watching episode after episode of CSI! I was so excited to have P1 home but when she arrived I got told she’s not been behaving too great at my Grandparents regarding meal times …

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