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“We’ve just had a four day weekend”

I am the type of person that is quite content with lazying around the house. After a while it does start to feel like you’re in jail, sharing your cell with screeching children, which is why I now make the effort to attend two play groups a week with P2 and P3. I met a lovely lady well over a …

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KBBF2013 – Breastfeeding Beyond A Year

I haven’t yet had the privilege of breastfeeding beyond a year. My views on the topic are quite mixed really. I want to let P2 wean off of me in her own time, I hate the thought of her being unhappy and needing me, but for me to refuse her my boob. But at the same time I can’t quite …

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Good Friday

I’ve been spending a lot of my P1-free days in my jammies and I thought it was about time to actually do something so I went to visit my MiL yesterday in Kent. I had such a lovely chilled day with her, my OHs Nan and Brother. Oh and of course P2. I’m definitely going to visit during the week …

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