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“Her eye looked freaky, swollen and just not right”

I’ve never had to panic with anything that relates to P2. With P1 it was a totally different story. Literally about 5/10 minutes ago I panicked. Whilst drinking her bottle of milk, rubbing her eyes because she was sleepy the scariest thing happened. P2 managed to rub/poke her eyelashes inside her eyelid, so instead of inside out it was outside …

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“A victim of domestic abuse”

I don’t think I’ve ever spoke about my past with P1s biological father. I guess because it’s not a very nice topic to talk about. It’s been two years and I think that is what has sparked my need to write about it. When I fell pregnant with P1 at the very young age of fifteen I thought I was …

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Illness To Rein Again

I think due to the recent lack of sleep I’ve been experiencing my immune system is well and truly down and has let in another stinking cold! I’m bunged up to the extent it actually make me sick. My head feels like it’s going to explode at any minute and my throat feels like I’ve been downing fire sticks!! Ouch! …

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