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Pregnancy Diaries – 14 Weeks #3

I’m at that stage where I just look like I’ve been eating too much chocolate cake… Oh wait I have! I’m struggling to dress myself as I’ve always worn quite tight items of clothing. I feel fat and frumpy in anything I dare to wear. However, my boobies are slowly creeping towards my breastfeeding size so that’s a little bonus …

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Recovery Is A Slow Process

Despite the extremely large and sore boobs – I’m absolutely loving breastfeeding. It’s created such a strong bond between P2 and me already. We had a really good night with P2 last night. Everything seems to be falling into a routine AND she’s sleeping fine in her cot which for a moment I really thought I’d have to invest in …

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Emotions Running Wild

I have a changed child today. She’s been amazing! As parents we all have our days when we could quite happily lock ourselves in the bathroom and cry. Then we have the days when we look at our children and feel that overwhelming feeling of proudness. Today I felt that. I’ve really needed her to behave today and that’s exactly …

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