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“I’ve been my daughters comfort when she’s feeling her worst”

I told myself last night that I had certain jobs to do today. Our easter holiday break begins this Thursday and quite frankly our house is a pig sty! Everyone, except me typically, have come down with colds and I’ve slowly watched the mess creep on top of me. I’ve put caring for the kids and hubby above the cleaning, …

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“By 10pm her temp had rocketed to between 40-41.4c”

We’re half way through the first week of school Easter holidays. Just before they started I said I was determined to do stuff because last time we were all sick and I was even more focused on keeping everyone healthy. Well, so far, Monday we went to an ante-natal clinic which can’t have been much fun for the girls. Tuesday, …

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Why Isn’t It My Sleep Time Now?

I’ve had one of those days when you just sit there and think really?!? Those photos were taken earlier… You would never have guessed that P1 had just been sick. She’s been complaining of feeling sick for a few days now and I’m utterly convinced it’s because she hasn’t been eating properly recently – that’s for another post. She gagged …

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