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Top Tips For Swimming As A Family

Swimming is one of the skills that I see as super important for every child to learn. With Freya, my eldest, I was taking part in mother and baby lessons as soon as we could but with the other two learning to swim was much more of a family activity. Getting active on a regular basis can add years to …

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My Sunday Photo 2018 – A Family Photo

This may sound very strange considering both Hubby and I work at home for the majority of the week, but getting family time is actually quite rare. When I say family time, I mean where all five of us are together going out and doing something. This winter has killed my motivation. I just want to be indoors in the …

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Siblings 2017 – February

I’ve felt like the month has flown by and it’s absurd that we are already in February. February is a big month for us. P2 turned four years old, my stepdad is giving my mum one of his kidneys and the girls are starting new groups, activities and having play dates again. I’m writing our Siblings post with only a …

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