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Our Halloween 2018

I didn’t want to fully submerge myself in Christmas before acknowledging the Halloween we had this year. As a Christian I’m not meant to “celebrate” Halloween. So I sort of tend to try to slip our fun quickly past before anybody notices. The truth is, I don’t think it hurts my family or myself to take part in the fun …

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World Book Day 2018

It’s World Book Day. A yearly event that celebrates books and reading. I am a huge lover of a good book, especially children’s books now that I am a parent. I love the excitement every evening when we settle down for a our bedtime story. Sadly, the snowy weather has postponed the school celebration of World Book Day but that …

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“We won’t be trick or treating for Halloween”

P1 has been enjoying a few days and nights with her Nanny, Grandad and Uncle B back in Essex. She’s been there since Tuesday evening and I feel completely lost!!! I’m used to leaving her, or not seeing her but it’s been really odd this time. Since moving out and becoming a stay at home mum I’ve developed a routine, …

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