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“It has been two years since I last had my hair cut”

It has been two years since I last had my hair cut. Where we bleach it at home my hair is completely out of condition. I have split ends a plenty and I’m just so unhappy. It’s long, I like the length funny enough, but it’s nowhere near kept and tidy. My hair actually makes me feel quite self conscious and …

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“I’m uber excited about a new lifestyle and a new me”

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’ll know that I’ve decided to change my appearance. Since giving birth to P3 I’ve felt quite low about the way my body is. I discussed this with hubby and he jokingly said I should dye my hair blonde as a change. This idea played on my mind. I’ve been blonde before, …

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Up Do

I’ve been looking at wedding hair styles today. Now the dress is sorted, and I’ve decided on who I want to do my make up, I’ve started researching people who can do my hair. I’m very picky when it comes to hair. I’ve only recently found a hairdresser that can cut my hair exactly how I ask, and that was …

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