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Talltape Height Chart Review

If you’ve read my blog for a while you’ll know that P1 was born prematurely on Christmas Eve 2008. This has lead to many health issues, some that trouble her every day life and others that are just happening beneath the skin. Last year, P1 went through some growth tests, these included some blood tests and an X-ray. We haven’t …

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The Start Of Growth Tests

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that P1 was due to have an appointment at the hospital regarding her growth. They’ve been tracking her height and weight at the child development center where she has her physiotherapy sessions for the past two years and they have noticed that her growth has slowed which is concerning. Well that appointment didn’t happen …

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Expect The Unexpected

I bet we are all guilty of checking health issues online. If you type in your symptoms of a cold if would probably tell you that you could be dying of something completely unrelated. I’ve mentioned before that P1 attends physiotherapy for her lower limbs. She’s been loosely diagnosed with hypermobility – I say loosely because nobody from the physiotherapy …

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