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Earning Her Brownie Hostess Badge

P1 has been a Brownie for four months now. I’ve been pretty sceptical about how long she’d stick mat it because I wasn’t a Girl Guide for long myself. However, she is thoroughly enjoying every meet they have and attends weekly. Being a Brownie is about exploring new hobbies, learning new skills and making new friends and I really think …

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V.I.M – Very Important Mummy’s

I hate being judged. Every single day I get judged. The main reason is because I’m a young parent. I can’t even hide away from being a younger parent because I’m 140cm tall (4ft 7in ish). My local children’s centre run several groups/sessions each day, all week and I’ve been to the Breastfeeding Group twice. On the first time a …

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Breast Feeding Support Group

I attended my first ever baby group this morning. It was a breast feeding support group. I don’t want to sound boastful, but I didn’t really need any support. My breast feeding experience has been pretty easy for the both of us, I have plenty of milk and P2 latches perfectly – the only niggle we’ve ever had was right at the …

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