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The Worst Thing In Life Is Death

I keep thinking about my Nan recently. The way she’s gradually becoming more frail. I don’t really remember a day where she was fighting fit and jumping about, she’s always had to catch her breath when walking long distances – that’s my Nan. That’s who she is and has always been. But once upon a time she could play with …

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Grandparents Are The Bomb

My Grandparents are without a doubt the most amazing people in my life. They’ve always been there to support, guide, tell me off, bail me out with money issues in the past, feed me, teach me and most of love me no matter how smelly my attitude was as a child. My Grandparents babysit P1 every Tuesday and Thursday – …

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Life Is Too Precious

Life gets taken for granted. My Grandparents were surprisingly over the moon when I told them I was pregnant with P1 – shocked yes but they felt it was a blessing to be able to see have a Great-Grandchild. Now P2 is here you can definitely see the appreciation in their eyes. They thought one was a blessing… Now they …

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