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“It always feels like we’re rewarding naughty behaviour”

P1 woke up today and she’s clearly decided that she’d push all buttons possible by doing all things she knows she shouldn’t and being rude when I’ve asked her to stop. Jumping on the sofa for one. It’s not because I don’t want her to have fun, it’s because she could fall off and she’s teaching her sister who isn’t …

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Essex Floods Getting Crazy 24 August 2013

So it’s a day of typical English weather. Well I say typical… I don’t think I’ve ever seen rain as bad as this!! We’re flooding! Where I live we very rarely get floods because we are on high ground. So this weather is really weird and everyone is so unprepared. The drains are flooded, the roads are flooded, businesses flooded, …

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Mr Sun, Sun, Mr Golden Sun, Please Shine Down On Me!

We retreated to my MiLs yesterday. After the police had been to take statements about my OHs bike, he desperately wanted to be with his Mum. Understandable. He needed a distraction to the devastation he’s feeling inside. My OH, of course, is still struggling to come to terms with the fact someone could just so easily take his bike from …

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