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My Sunday Photo 2018 – Extreme Tiredness

I’ve already failed miserably at this so won’t promise I’ll be joining in every Sunday, but I’ll do my best! This Sunday’s photo is from Wednesday. The previous evening P2 was exhausted. I put it down to the adjustment of back to school. She actually asked to go to bed early and I had P2 and P3 both asleep by …

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Going To The Library

It feels like such a long time ago since reading a story at bedtime felt like a chore. I never used to see the importance of books despite my own love for reading and writing. But I also experienced mum guilt surrounding the topic of bedtime story time and eventually I made it part of our routine. I don’t feel …

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Teaching Responsible Saving

There’s a well known book called the Art of War, and possibly the best piece of advice contained within its pages is that if you see peace, prepare for battle. In essence, plan for the future, because smooth sailing can become stormy waters in the blink of an eye. While money can’t be thrown at every problem in life, there …

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