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My Sunday Photo 2018 – Going To London To See Tully With Channel Mum

This week has been a very odd one hasn’t it?! We’ve had extreme rain followed by a glorious weekend. I spent Thursday doing something completely out of my comfort zone. I went to London by myself to meet the Channel Mum team for a private screening of Tully. I was so nervous beforehand. Travelling by myself, meeting new people, meeting …

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World Book Day 2018

It’s World Book Day. A yearly event that celebrates books and reading. I am a huge lover of a good book, especially children’s books now that I am a parent. I love the excitement every evening when we settle down for a our bedtime story. Sadly, the snowy weather has postponed the school celebration of World Book Day but that …

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Young Mum? You Are Not Alone! #CMYANA

Channel Mum recently shared that 9 out of 10 Mums feel lonely and it started their You Are Not Alone (or YANA or use the hashtag #CMYANA) campaign. It has really hit the media and it has also got me thinking about my own experiences of being a mum and feeling lonely. I think I most felt the loneliness eight …

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