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“It took six attempts to get the cannula into a vein”

Our stay in hospital was cut short thank goodness, although our visits are not over. p3 needs antibiotics intravenously, hence the cannula, for a minimum of five days whilst they await her urine results. Potentially she may not even have an infection but due to the high temperature she had and her age they give it as a precaution. Yesterday, …

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“I actually went to a baby weigh in clinic”

I’ve started to venture out of the house a little more the past week. I’ve been for a few little walks with P2 in the sling. In fact she’s pretty much lived in her sling recently. But today I actually went to a baby weigh in clinic. Ok, ok, just a baby weigh in clinic. To me it’s a big …

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Bloods Tests For My Four Year Old

After a really bad night with P2, I was up early and down the hospital for 8:40am. I had to put P1 through having blood tests. She used to always have blood tests when she was a baby. But the last time she had anything like this was her jabs or her MRI (I can’t remember which was last). For …

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