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“Mummy! Milky”

I hear the words “Mummy! Milky” day in and day out. It’s a 24/7 occurrence and it comes out of two of my three darling daughters mouths. I honestly feel like I’m going crazily insane about it. It’s controlling nearly every breath I take and I am so tired. I’ll start with P2 seeing as that issue has been the …

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“I had made the definite decision not to cosleep with P3”

Cosleeping with P2 was not a conscious decision that we’d made. It just happened and we managed to get more sleep despite having a leg in our ribs or our eyes getting poked out. We coslept for around a year on and off. Although it worked for us, I had made the definite decision not to cosleep with P3 under …

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P2 thinks her dummies are with the Easter Bunny.

I don’t remember the events surrounding when P1 stopped using a dummy and ultimately that’s the main reason that I have this blog and wish I’d known about blogging a long time ago. P2 has used a dummy from a baby. It’s been her comfort, my noise stopper and it’s been something she’s depended on in so many situations. When …

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