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Siblings 2019 – January

I can’t believe that I am sitting here writing the first siblings post of 2019! The whole new year thing really crept up on me. It’s a big year for our family, in September Elsa will be starting big school and I think up until this point I’ve been in denial about it. Not only that, the girls have increased …

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Siblings 2017 – October

It has been all about change this past month. The girls have been a teeny bit neglected and we’ve barely had any fun moments due to being consumed by decorating our new house in time for our move. But we some how made it to the other side alive. P1 doesn’t deal with change very well and this past month …

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Letter to my Princess 3 – 7 Months

To my Princess 3, 7 months means that we are now in the lead up to your 1st birthday and that’s just crazy. The newborn days are behind us now which makes me super emotional. You are our very last baby and seeing these months quickly zooming past and you growing so quickly is sad but in a happy way. …

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