Princess Day

Today has been a really, really fantastic day. I had a day with just my girls – I felt completely able to cope at every second of the day. I’m so proud of myself.

Instead of going on and on about it I’ll just show you my photos from the day:
20130227-081636 PM.jpg20130227-081649 PM.jpg

20130227-081701 PM.jpg

20130227-081752 PM.jpg

20130227-081747 PM.jpg

20130227-082029 PM.jpg


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  1. okay- HOW did you get your baby’s handprint?? I’d love to get mine but she keeps her hands in fists all the time. Did you get her when she was sleeping?

    • She was sleeping, all fists too. But someone in my family owns a ceramic painting place so we had it done there and we basically peeled her fingers and pressed down really quick and firmly. It didn’t go down too well with P2 but we got a good print so the 30secs of crying was worth it 🙂

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