#MySundayPhoto – Daddy’s Girl

“Mummy you are always angry!”

“Daddy you are lovely!”

That pretty much sums up my entire week in a nutshell and it’s devastating. I think it’s natural that one parent is more strict than the other, and clearly that is me right now. Or that’s what the girls are perceiving it as.

P3 has always been my little shadow but this week she has flipped a switch and is all about her Daddy. I’ve always wanted some space from the clinging that she’s always done, but actually now that she is craving Hubby to do pretty much everything I feel really lost and neglected.

One upside is that she still wants me when she hurts herself. I’ll take that as a positive this week!!


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  1. Bless her – did the other two go through a phase where they swapped parents?


  2. Gorgeous photos, I’m the strict one but my youngest still loves Daddy cuddles.

    Thank you for linking up

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