My Sunday Photo 2016 – 3/52

There’s gradually been more and more snowy winter photos appear on social media and I was left feeling rather glum as I watched the rain pour and the sky dark. I had no hopes for snow this year at all, seeing as last year we just had a small dusting before it was gone by the afternoon. 

This morning we woke to white. Again a small dusting but it was still snow. Everything changes when it snows. Everything is even more beautiful than ever. Sparkly and magical. I feel completely rough with cold today and I needed every inch of motivation I could find to quickly get the girls into their all in ones so that we could experience the snow. A first for P3 and probably the only time P2 will remember.

I love this photo that Hubby took. It’s focused on P3 who is watching her sisters have a snowball fight. You can even see the snow ball just above P1s head. Do you have any snow?



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  1. Love this photo. It’s a great shot of P3 watching her sisters x

  2. I LOVE this photo. It is so cute that P3 is just watching her sisters. And I love the fact that you can see the snowball breaking up above P1’s head. A perfect photograph of snowy fun. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  3. What a lovely memory to capture. Those pink suits are adorable x

  4. Lisa (@backsnbumps)

    We live in Bournemouth and haven’t had snow yet, we don’t get it often just a lot of wind and rain here so far this year. Very jealous as the kids can’t wait to get snow and have a day off school! X

  5. We’ve had the tiniest bit of snow, much less than you have. I just want to build a snowman. Fab photo and looks like you all had fun.

    Laura x

  6. it’s great to have had a little snow isn’t it. i’m hoping in a few weeks the snow will come down heavy and my daughter will be able to build a snowman…but not next week as i’m stuck in hospital all week and id miss out on the fun!

  7. I am so jealous – we have no snow here at all, just rain. Looks like they are having a blast

  8. Such lovely photos! We’ve had a little bit of snow here, enough to get my daughter super excited! We’ve had an ace morning playing in it! x

  9. Ah what a lovely photo! Looks like they are all having fun in the snow

  10. Such a lovely photo. Love their matching suits. No snow for us actually had some rain this morning! Hope you enjoy it 🙂

  11. No snow here for us unfortunately! Looks like you had great fun playing in the snow. Hope we get some soon it’s the only good thing about this cold weather!

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