My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 7

My weigh in this week was:

Weight: 45.2 kg
Hips: 28in
Waist: 25in
L thigh: 18in
R thigh: 18in
Tummy: 28in
L arm: 9in
R arm: 9in
Bum: 32.5in



Weight wise, I’m not really losing. Inch wise, I’m not really losing. But this is my fault completely and I certainly feel like I’m letting the Juice Plus team down. The whole 7 weeks I’ve been doing this I haven’t followed the diet plan correctly. There’s been more days than not that I’ve only had one shake instead of the two and I’ve certainly not cut out dairy and potatoes!


I’ve decided to post a picture next week instead of this week as planned. I’m also going to do another 4 weeks of having two shakes and actually stick at it. The first few weeks I saw such an improvement in my health and my body. One thing I have kept up is exercise. I’m doing some sort of exercise at least once a day so I’m quite pleased about that. I’m trying to work off my mummy-tummy as that’s the part I’m most unhappy about.

Have you been dieting?

Follow my progress here:


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