Monkey In The Trees

It’s my OHs birthday this Tuesday so his Mum had arranged a surprise (obviously I knew) outing for him to Go Ape.

20130331-081212 PM.jpg

I could never do something like that, I did one at centerparcs once but compared to Go Ape it was nothing.

20130331-081223 PM.jpg

The weather was freezing but we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I think Go Ape is a really good idea, makes great use of the environment and it really tests your strength and bravery.

My OH went up with his stepdad whilst my MiL and Nan-in-law stayed down with the kids. Oh and sneaked an Easter hot cross bun in the visitors centre.

20130331-081236 PM.jpg

Would you do something like this? Or are you a foot on the ground kinda person? I’d love to hear your stories and adventures.

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