We were bought a hand/footprint casting kit by my OHs best friend. P1 found it in our bedroom yesterday and asked to make it. So we did.

The kit says for 5+ and after doing it I can definitely see why.

It comes with a sachet of mix for the gel, a sachet of mix for the plaster of Paris and then the plastic mould. Simple.

The instructions said to mix the gel sachet with 160ml of water. I gave this duty to P1 – big mistake – she tipped the whole lot in straight away despite me saying over and over to tip slowly. It resulted in the gel being a gloopy soggy mess that took ages to begin to set.

20130227-084952 AM.jpg
In the end we gave up and improvised. Next best thing… playdoh.

20130227-085307 AM.jpg
P2 wasn’t overly keen on having her foot pressed into playdoh, however, P1 loved it. She’s rather nervous that I’ve ruined her precious playdoh but I’ve promised to get her some more if I have.

We then put a straw in the top so it makes a hole and we can hang the finished product on the wall. I made the plaster of Paris sachet with water and poured it on top of the playdoh.

20130227-090309 AM.jpg
We left it overnight and then peeled the mould off. I now realise that playdoh probably wasn’t the best idea. I forgot how much it stuck to things. I’ve spent about 10minutes trying to remove the purple playdoh and colouring from the cast. It will eventually come off but I’ve taken a picture of it with the purple as you can see the little wrinkles of the girls feet which is quite cute.

20130227-100157 AM.jpg

20130227-100202 AM.jpg
Now all that’s left to do is get the paint out. I’ll post a picture once it’s done but that involves finding some baby/toddler-free moments.

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