In Laws

In laws – I bet you just took a gulp. Say those words to me 4 years ago and I would of been joining you with the gulping and eye rolling.

However, since meeting my OH the eye rolling and gulping are a thing of the past. I feel so lucky to have been welcomed so warmly into my OHs family.

Because of my past with in laws I remember being terrified of meeting my OHs parents. And I didn’t have to meet just one set – I had the horrible butterfly feeling twice (his parents are no longer together)!! And each time I realised how stupid I was being because his family are pretty darn cool.

I’ve now got a very long birthday card list each year 😉

I’m writing this post as a personal thank you to them. My in laws and the family that comes along with them. Thank you for accepting my daughter and I into your family and loving us as your own.

We have been very blessed.

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  1. We’re not a bad family and we love having you joining us which I’m sure you felt from the moment you met us all 🙂 xx

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