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Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

I was honestly expecting an Easter-ey Daily Prompt today… But nope.

I am the biggest mess maker ever. I do it and think to myself “I’ll tidy that later” but later never comes! I hate that quality about me. I’m sure my OH hates it too.

If we stay in a hotel etc then I’ll make sure everywhere is spotless; clothes get put away, cups get washed, toiletries get put back in their rightful place and beds get made every morning.

When we first moved – I did exactly the same. The house was spotless. All for about two weeks, then life and rest was just more important.

I look at the mess piling up, getting worse and worse but I just don’t have the motivation or the hands to actually manage it. However, my OH and I tackled the ginormous pile of clothes in the cot the other day so now the room looks loads better.

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