Battling Body Perception

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I have a friend. A beautiful friend. Yet she looks in the mirror and doesn’t see what everyone else sees. She’s fighting anorexia. Just like thousands of men and women all across the world.

What causes someone to hate their own body that much… Bullying maybe? Magazines with their airbrushed models? The NHS says there’s 3 factors that contribute to the horrible illness: Psychological, environmental and biological. I understand that once the cycle begins it’s a never ending fight. Even for those who are on the path of recovery.

The media has started to recognise that they are partly to blame for all the people battling self image and diet problems. They’ve started to slowly stop airbrushing their models and even using curvier women. I thank them for that.

I’ve been very lucky in a way. I’m comfortable in the body God gave me – don’t get me wrong; I’d love to be taller, more toned (especially since having P2), I’d like to have tanned skin, bigger natural boobs… The list goes on. But when I look in the mirror I don’t hate what’s looking back at me. I’m at peace with it.

I desperately hope that my girls feel the same about themselves as they grow up. That I’ll be able to teach them to love themselves just as much as I love them. It would rip me in shreds to see them hurting over what I believe is perfect in every way.

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