5 Tips For Travelling Abroad With Kids

When travelling anywhere with children it can be so incredibly stressful. But travelling abroad is on a whole different level as it is a completely new and strange environment for all. I’ve come up with my top tips for travelling abroad with children:

  1. If your children get travel sick, like mine do especially on coaches etc, then pack sickness tablets or bands. There’s nothing worse than having to deal with sicky children on a cramped plane journey.
  2. Hiring a car will reduce the need for a sweaty coach, it will also be a little more familiar for your child. Taking your own car seats and equipment will help reduce the cost and stress of travelling abroad.
  3. With children that need frequent drinks to keep hydrated and snacks, having an all inclusive option is a must have and it very much worth the money.
  4. Find a fold down all in one piece type buggy or stroller. It’ll fit in your hire car boot which will enable you to really explore and make the most of your holiday with no restrictions.
  5. Prepare an itinerary of any activities or places around your hotel that you really want to visit. Do your research and check which are child friendly, whether they have food facilities etc. 

There’s clothes, sun cream, hats and any other obvious items that you need to take when travelling but I hope the above tips will help you ease the stress of travel as much as possible. Where are you going this year for your summer holidays?


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  1. We are off on a cruise this year and I have no idea what I need to pack

  2. We are off on a cruise this year and have no idea what I need to take lol

  3. Great tips. We went to Florida last year and were super organised with an itinery for each day so we could prebook ride times. Worked out so well. No holiday for us this year but planning days out around the uk x

  4. Great tips – I think I might be driving to France from West Wales this year- am I brave or mad!? Kaz x

  5. sorry, I don’t know if my last comment posted? I think all inclusive is a must with children x

  6. I think all inclusive is great for kids, food and drink on tap is essential if you don’t know where the shops are!

  7. We are just back from a cruise – it was fantastic for children. We love to travel and take them everywhere with us, I love the snack and drink idea. They always cope better with familiarity and often if you drive you get more luggage to take!

  8. These are great tips. I am lucky neither of my girls suffer from travel sickness. When we go on a long car travel I always bring ipad and pens and papers x

  9. Great tips. Thinking of doing this ourselves this year so good to know! Jess xx

  10. This is fabulous. We have just booked a cruise which goes straight from Southampton as we thought it would be easier than flying.

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