29/31: 5 Things I Can’t Live Without

Easy peasy. Not exactly life or death but these are the things that make my life go round…

1) My husband.
He’s my back bone. He’s taught me so much. He’s my absolute best friend. The main person I rely on for everything. He puts up with so much.

2) My Daughters.
Without them I’d have no purpose. It’s that simple. They are the ones I wake up to for.

3) My Blog.
It’s my little outlet for my thoughts and feelings. It also gives us plenty of wonderful opportunities as a family.

4) Roast Dinners.
If I was told I couldn’t have a roast dinner ever again I’d definitely cry.

5) My iPhone.
It’s attached to me nearly 24/7 and keeps me in touch with the world. It allows me to blog on the go and document my life.

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  1. WOW I think my list would be very similar lol

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