Walkers Crisps Mighty Lights Review

It’s very rare for us to buy branded food at the moment with saving for a mortgage, wedding shopping and having two young children to feed. So it was fantastic when I was asked to taste test some more Walkers products.
20130822-025723 PM.jpg18 packets of crisps arrived for us to munch. Another new product from the brains of Walkers, Mighty Lights. The packaging is striking as always and I love how these snacks are 30% less fat than standard potato crisps, which makes eating them a lot less guilty when I’m trying to keep slim for my wedding dress fitting. I’ve also got the extra tackle of making pack lunches for the first time ever so knowing I can add a crisp snack that is healthier is fantastic!

These crisps are also suitable for vegetarians and have no artificial flavours or preservatives. What more could anyone want from a packet of crisps? And that’s just the nitty gritty of the ingredients. When I opened them up and tasted each flavour I was astounded!
20130822-031603 PM.jpgI honestly haven’t tasted a crisp with so much flavour. When I gave P1 a crisp she commented on the texture and of the flavour. My OH loves them as well.


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