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“Christmas is all wrapped up”

Last year P1 was very ungrateful for her birthday and Christmas presents. We’d forked out a lot of money to get her a Schleich farm house and various accessories – anyone who knows what I’m talking about will know that a tiny animal costs around £4. At 5 years old, children just don’t understand value. This year we vowed to …

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Pre-Christmas Blues

So it’s gone midnight. It’s Christmas. We’ve sorted the presents into piles and I’m sitting here looking at them all feeling pretty glum. We’ve spent so much this year it’s ridiculous! Birthday, Christmas x2 and Santa x2 was expensive. So why am I feeling so utterly rubbish and nervous for tomorrow?! The piles of stuff is pretty low. When I …

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“I spent four hours last night wrapping Christmas presents”

Yesterday, I finally found a baby group here in Sevenoaks that was just perfect for P2. It catered for crawlers and little ones taking their first wobbly steps. It’s full of singing and fun! It’s also a very small group, perfect for hopefully making some new friends. But guess my luck, it was the last session before they close until …

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