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A Family Trip To Cadbury World 2017

It’s been quite a few years since my first ever visit to Cadbury World. I remember having an amazing time and had only been back once again when P1 was very young. Over the past five years I have tried to convince Hubby to let us go there as a family and finally we went. We arrived about half an …

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“P1 was the thing that kept my grandad fit and active at 82 years old”

There was me crying earlier over boobies whilst my grandparents experienced their last ever Thursday with P1! My grandparents have been amazing. Since finding out I was pregnant at the young age of 15 they’ve always been there supporting me, through thick and thin. Whether it was help with money, words or just by being them, I knew I could …

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40 Acts – Day 5 – Read The Local News

It’s simple. Pick up the newspaper from the doormat. Make yourself a mug of tea. Slowly read the paper. Each time it mentions a person or a street, lift them up before God and ask for his blessing. Don’t miss out on the adverts, especially if they are about local businesses. Then look for the names of the editor and …

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