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“Goodbye paid employment. Hello slavery!”

In this day and age, finding and keeping a paid job is difficult. There’s many unemployed, benefit claiming people in the world. So why have I just handed in my resignation to a job I’ve been so lucky to obtain and keep for the past four years?? Yup! I’m unemployed. Officially. Today, my boss accepted my resignation. I remember many …

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“I’m not ready to not see her for 9hours a day”

It dawned on me today that I should have been returning to work in two weeks time. It got me thinking, how I would have coped if I was about to embark on work life with two children, being waist deep in wedding planning, sorting P1s school equipment out and having my Nan back in the hospital. It would have …

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233 Days Left AND Counting

I’ve currently had 160 days of my maternity leave. It seems like forever since I was at work. I’m very nervous about returning. We’ve decided to extend my maternity leave to the full entitlement, which makes my return date 2nd January. That makes me a little more relaxed but so much has changed since I was there. I feel like …

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