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My Birthday Wishlist

The other day I actually had to work out how old I’m going to be this year. I seriously couldn’t remember which is quite embarrassing. I’m going to be 23. Each year I put together a little wish list of things I’d love to have, of course some of the things on my list are completely unrealistic but it’s worth …

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Dear Santa… Our Christmas 2014 Wishlist

Dear Santa, I hope you don’t mind too much but this year I have added another child to your delivery list under this household. I always struggle with choosing presents and the girls have been so lucky thanks to my blog this year that they don’t really need much. In an ideal world I’d love to get a new storage …

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“I spent four hours last night wrapping Christmas presents”

Yesterday, I finally found a baby group here in Sevenoaks that was just perfect for P2. It catered for crawlers and little ones taking their first wobbly steps. It’s full of singing and fun! It’s also a very small group, perfect for hopefully making some new friends. But guess my luck, it was the last session before they close until …

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