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“I’m so glad I made the decision to go green and use cloth”

I’m an ex-disposable nappy Mummy. I used them for nearly 3 years with P1. I used them up until P2 was 3 months old. I now use cloth nappies. I’m absolutely addicted to the variety of styles and colours that I can choose from to match P2s outfits. This week she’s been poorly so I’ve been going through nappies like …

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Where Are You? Why Aren’t You?

Since researching and reviewing Green Pomelo cloth nappies I’ve been really aware of everything nappy related and washable related. I actually love cloth nappies now and I’m certainly converted. But the ease of buying things for them is difficult. They don’t sell cloth nappies in stores but there’s a whole aisle of disposable nappies and wipes!! On the tv, there’s …

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