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My Sunday Photo – 20/09/2015

Next Sunday it’ll be the eve of my 23rd birthday and our second wedding anniversary. So I’m going to be the star of this weeks My Sunday Photo. This week has zoomed by. There’s been a first day at nursery for P2, a friends tea party, P3s one year check, blood tests for me, playgroups, Gymboree, meeting up with a …

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My Orange Rhino Challenge

I’ve found myself shouting less. Thinking about what I’m doing. Ok, I still have my moments. But on an overall, I’m loads better at controlling my anger towards P1. And what’s better is although she has her moments, her behaviour is gradually getting better. So, I’m stopping the challenge. I figured you probably don’t want to read “no shouting” everyday …

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To My Princesses – Letter 3

To my Princesses, This week feels like it has been really busy but in reality, looking back I don’t think it has been that busy. I have made a schedule for our home, a cleaning schedule so that has pretty much taken over my days now which is great really. I’m finally getting into a routine so we can all …

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