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Wedding Themes: Hollywood Glam

Hollywood glam is a timeless theme, exuding glamour, elegance and above all fun – perfect for a wedding. If you’ve been considering adopting this theme, then here’s some inspiration to consider: Choose your era There’s a very big difference between Hollywood Glam of the 1920s and now, which is why most who opt for the theme go for Art Deco/Great …

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“pretty much shoved her in the car”

Following on from a pretty tough night, P2 had a pretty amazing Sunday. I felt a need to have a break from her and pretty much shoved her in the car with my Mum & SD when they went to Camber to collect my brother. I felt majorly guilty but my OH was off to the gym so that would …

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Opposites Attract

It’s been a very long day today. P1 started our day with an argument over food and then over wearing tights. My Mum had booked the day off to spend with us so having it start so dramatically was a little frustrating!! P2 had the horrible visit to the nurses room to be jabbed in the thighs. This time one …

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