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Adjusting To Warmer & Longer Days

Hands up if your Easter holidays were full of fun and warm weather? My hands are definitely up. I am a happier person when the weather is kind to us and my daughters adore being outside exploring. We don’t have a garden for ourselves so we had to find places to visit for pretty much every single day and I …

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Our Sunshine Afternoon in the Easter Holidays

This morning, like most of our recent mornings, I opened the blinds to clear blue sky and sunshine. Last year we had a pretty hot summer but I was unable to enjoy it properly because I was heavily pregnant and sweating like a pig. Now P3 is here I’m certain to enjoy it. Getting out in the sun doesn’t have …

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Littlewoods Quilted Jackets

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’m really feeling the cold lately. It’s freezing! I’m probably noticing it more because I’m out in it a lot more doing the school run. So I’ve been looking at different coats and jackets. I don’t know much about fashion in all honesty. I tend to wear what’s comfortable especially when it comes down to …

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