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Sleep & Reducing Milk

I gave this post a title and saved it to my drafts a few weeks ago and it has been left blank since. I’ve been a little scared to even think about physically writing the words down just in case I jinx things because quite frankly, it’s been known to happen with my blog. The topic I want to discuss …

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Breaking Her Milk Habit Before Her 3rd Birthday

At around 6 months of age a baby has the ability to sleep a full night of sleep. P1 was 10 months when she began to sleep an amazing 12 hour stretch. P2 is yet to reach that milestone and P3 exactly the same. They both have habits that need breaking.  A preschooler needs 11 hours of sleep plus a …

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“my hubby has suggested he sleep on the sofa”

Right back when P2 was under 4months old is where the root of our problem lies. Right back when I jinxed our life! I praised and boasted about how well she slept, only waking once and on a bad night twice. Yup, that’s where the problem began! Last night was so awful that my hubby has suggested he sleep on …

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