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Christmas Snowman & Santa Fruit Treat

I love baking with the girls. I think it’s a really useful skill for them and I’d like to think I am improving on my kitchen skills. But when I saw these really cute Snowman and Santa fruit figures on Pinterest and generally circulating the internet in the lead up to Christmas, I instantly knew that this would be something P2 …

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Lily O’Briens New Chocolate Bars & A Hamper Giveaway Worth £45!

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We had a delicious delivery of 14 bars of Lily O’Briens Chocolate a few weeks ago. Yes you heard that right. Fourteen chocolate bars! It seriously felt like we were in chocolate heaven. The weather has been amazing this week and I have actually really fancied some chocolate. So the huge box of chocolates was very appreciated.  These are new for the …

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A Treat Idea For Nursery School Friends

Haribo sweets are most definitely a popular choice when it comes to getting a little treat for your children’s friends when it’s their birthdays. I used to go with a carrier bag full of sweets, sweets I happened to hate as a child. With it being the first year that P2 has to dish out the treats for her birthday, …

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19/31: My Favourite Foods

Food glorious food. Anyone that’s known me for a long time will be quite pleasantly surprised when I announce that there’s very few foods I won’t eat. It used to be the opposite, I’ve always been very picky with foods but after meeting my hubby I’ve learnt to love food. Every time I visited my MiL right at the beginning …

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“She didn’t really seem excited about seeing me”

I can’t believe that it’s November already. Well it’s actually now the 2nd, why am I not asleep yet? I travelled back to Essex this afternoon to pick P1 up from my Mums. I left at 3:30 expecting to miss rush hour on the way there, this did not happen, the traffic was horrendous!!! However, the takeaway pizza soon took …

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Over And Done With… Look To The Future

P1 finished school Wednesday. She came home with two books full of bits and bobs she’s done since moving into the “Badgers” room. It made me so proud to see everything and read all the wonderful comments about my daughter. When I picked her up, all her nursery friends went running up to her and gave her the biggest of …

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