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Sands Alive Cake Shop Review

I am going to say it out right, right now! I nearly turned this product down to review. I’m trying my best to be more selective this year and only choose products that I honestly believe in to share with you. This one didn’t scream too much excitement at first but there was this tugging at my heart strings that …

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What’s Your Flavour This Pancake Day? #NumNomsFoodie

Happy Pancake Day! Or Shrove Tuesday. It’s the last day to feast before Lent and Shrove Tuesday is more traditionally known for a day of consuming pancakes. We love pancakes in this house especially P1 and we have them every weekend when there’s time to stand and make them.  But this pancake day the team at Num Noms have challenged …

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LeapFrog Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set Review

Can you relate to those moments in the kitchen when you’re trying desperately to cook a fresh meal from scratch or wash up the dishes with a small human attached to your leg or hip? Well I think LeapFrog have come up with the perfect solution with their LeapFrog Fridge Numbers Magnetic Set. This set comes with the main tile …

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