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Cooling Down In Eynsford Ford

Monday already feels like such a long time ago now. I’m already reminiscing about the sunshine seeing as we’ve had storms and heavy rain for a full day. But I will take you back to Bank Holiday Monday when the weather was gloriously hot and the sun was out. We wanted to do something with the girls but wasn’t really …

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Wednesday At My Grandad’s

When we moved counties nearly four years ago, we promised ourselves that we would head back to our home town every two weeks ish. But the reality of life and commitments sort of stretched this and sometimes we can suddenly realise it’s been nearly two months or so. My Grandad lives in Essex and he’s the one person who I …

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#BEDN – 12 – Your Local Area

I absolutely adore the area we live in. It is ranked at one of the richest towns in the UK which isn’t surprising and that theme sort of runs through the entire area. The health services are far more efficient and superior to the ones back in my home town, Essex. The schools are much better and that was one …

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