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Special Needs Diary #12 – Occupational Therapist Assessment

I’m not really scared of hospitals or medical appointments anymore. I don’t think you really can be when you’ve spent the good part of the past eight years visiting various hospital regularly with your first born. We have to visit a medical professional very few months I’d say for many different reasons. It gets a little confusing when you have …

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“This is even worse than when she was newborn”

Last night was night four that P2 has been up every hour. It seems to have happened with her illness but she’s not poorly anymore and seems to have made it a habit. I thought we’d finally cracked, nearly, her sleep patterns. She’d wake up in the morning at 7:30am, have just one nap a day in her cot at …

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Fly Away

You are all going to think I’m really pathetic with this post but it has to be done. This weather has been amazing. I hate how everyone complains about the cold, wet typical British weather, yet moan when it’s wonderfully hot and sunny!! Why?! I’ve been making use of my Grandparents, MiL and finally our garden at any given opportunity. …

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