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Playbrush Toothbrush Review

As a child, I used to hate brushing my teeth. It was the one part of the day that was pretty tiresome and boring. These days there are so many options to help combat that boredom with many apps, colourful character toothbrushes and reward charts. However, my girls are following my path of finding the whole process a chore. I …

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A Visit From The Tooth Fairy

P1 came home from school yesterday after being at her after school club. It was just after 6pm. Wednesdays are her longest days and sometimes I wonder how she physically copes with them but she enjoys it so much because her best friend goes. She got home and we gave her the brand new Barbie she has the task of …

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To My Princess 2 – 8 Months

To my Princess 2, I cannot believe there’s only 4 months until your first birthday and it’s totally crazy how the past month has really shaped your personality and character. You are chatting and forming real sounds now. “Muma” “Dada” “NanNan” are the ones we can really recognize now. Mainly Dada of course but the Muma does come out every …

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