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Tasty Toddler Frozen Meals With Annabel Karmel

It definitely feels like Annabel Karmel has been by my side throughout my parenting journey. Right from the very beginning of teaching my first born to eat real food, Annabel was there with her handy weaning books for advice, recipes and tricks. For a first time mum, I needed that gentle nudge. I feel very lucky to have been able …

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Our Weaning Journey – Annabel Karmel Toddler Meals

The other week we had an extremely exciting delivery in two batches for the girls. Annabel Karmel had sent us some awesome products to help with our mealtimes. As a parent or Grandparent, feeding times can be stressful when kids are involved. Whether that’s due to owning a fussy eater or lack of time or the mess so I was …

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