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Trying To Survive The Last Terrible Twos Phase

Life has become pretty unbearable. The relatively easy going, will come along wherever with little fuss toddler of ours has turned into a little monster. It’s been about a month now but things seem to be at a new stage of hell in the past week.  There’s no hiding the fact she’s always been the drama of the three, far …

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A Letter to my Toddler Going Through The Terrible Twos

To my Toddler, As you throw yourself around the room with legs flailing because you weren’t allowed an ice cream at 7am, I feel myself getting frustrated already. The tears are falling from the argument we’ve had over milk and you have been shrieking for over 20 minutes. You smacked me square in the nose so I told you off …

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“P2s tantrums are beyond bearable”

The girls have swapped roles. P1 and P2 that is. I’ve wrote many posts about how naughty P1 is and how I don’t know what to do, and generally P2 has always been happy and well behaved. This past week or so we’ve seen some huge, horrible changes in P2. P2s tantrums are beyond bearable. She does the throwing on …

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