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McDonald’s Football Mum Of The Year Awards

We are yet to embark on the life of school clubs and other hobby related activities. P1 just isn’t that type of girl and certainly isn’t an active person due to her hypermobility. However, we were recently invited to a local Football Club to meet former Team GB Captain and Arsenal Ladies Defender Casey Stoney as part of the drive …

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My Healthy Habit with Juice Plus – Week 7

My weigh in this week was: Weight: 45.2 kg Hips: 28in Waist: 25in L thigh: 18in R thigh: 18in Tummy: 28in L arm: 9in R arm: 9in Bum: 32.5in Weight wise, I’m not really losing. Inch wise, I’m not really losing. But this is my fault completely and I certainly feel like I’m letting the Juice Plus team down. The whole …

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“P1s first school Sports Day”

Today was P1s first school Sports Day. As soon as I received the email notifying of the date/location/time that parents could come along, I experienced butterflies for her. If you’re a regular reader then you’ll know about P1s hypermobility and the way it mainly makes a difference to her physical abilities. Hubby and I had agreed that we wouldn’t be …

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